The Endowment Committee supports the mission of TVLC by distributing income from the Endowment Fund for outreach into the local community, for programs within the congregation and for other ministries within the ELCA. TVLC’s Endowment Fund is invested in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation pooled funds. The TVLC Endowment Fund’s principal remains intact and untouched. The congregation council approves the amount of funds that may be distributed, at the discretion of the Endowment Committee.

Members of the TVLC Endowment committee are Chad Souvignier (Chair), Vickie Denning, Sara Hammond, Jim Marian and Greg Paulsen.

The deadlines to apply for funds from the Endowment Fund are February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. The committee will meet several weeks after each of those dates to consider applications and allocate funding.

More information is available in Frequently Asked Questions

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Find the application form here: Endowment Fund Application 2014

The TVLC Mission Endowment Fund is established by the TVLC Constitution, C5.05:
“This congregation shall have a mission endowment fund that will operate as specified in this congregation’s bylaws. The purpose of the mission endowment fund is to provide for mission work beyond the operational budget of this congregation.”
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