Members and friends of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are saddened and distressed by the all-too-frequent occurrences of gun violence in the United States. We mourn the senseless loss of life, and we grieve for the victims and their families. We also lament for those who have done violence to others and who often feel removed from a community of faith.

Beginning on Monday, June 16, you are invited to take a journey of prayer, scripture, stories and church teachings, by following “A 60-Day Journey Toward Justice in a Culture of Gun Violence.” This resource can be found on the ELCA webpage, at . Click on the green button at the bottom left of the page. Through daily observances, this document calls us, as people of God who strive for justice and peace in all the world, to work toward the prevention of gun violence. It may be used by individuals or groups, alone or as part of a larger study.

In 1994, the ELCA adopted the social message Community Violence, which calls for advocacy to end the cycle of violence in the U.S. Twenty-five years later, this message is still relevant and should be considered as another resource on your journey. Also available to download from the ELCA webpage are an easy-to-use guide and an appendix noting key documents and actions, and a gun violence litany.