Did you know that 40% of all fortune 500 companies were started by refugees or children of refugees? And did you know that the co-founder of Google, the man behind video games or the taste-bud genius who created Sriracha were all refugees? Refugees create new things, boost our economy and go on to be leaders in America. Our country cannot afford to leave refugees behind.

Urge members of Congress and the President not to default on their commitment to welcome 30,000 refugees this year. Help us send a total of 1,018 postcards to Arizona members of congress and tell them why refugees are important to our communities.

This number represents one postcard for every refugee who never made it to Arizona last year. Submit your message HERE. Tell us why refugees are important to you. We’ll write your message onto a postcard and we’ll send it to your Congressional representative for you. Please help us meet our goal. Every postcard counts; every refugee counts!

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest