Approximately 200 exhausted, hungry, and frightened Central American immigrants, mostly families, are released to churches and other shelters in Tucson each day. These folks spend, on average, three days here before traveling by bus to stay with family members or sponsors in locations across the country, where they will await their immigration hearings.

Currently local shelters are packed. Volunteers are always needed to cook and serve meals and to sort donations. At present, the most urgently needed supplies are:

Sturdy shoes for adults and children (no sandals, high heels, etc.)
Underwear and socks for all, especially men
Men’s S/M pants, shirts
Hats, especially baseball caps
Leggings for all ages
Small bras
Combs and brushes
Individual packs of tissues
Travel size lotions

Donations of any of these items can be taken to the Benedictine Monastery (800 N Country Club Road), Rincon Congregational Church UCC (122 N Craycroft Road), or dropped off at the TVLC office.