By: Vickie Denning, Stewardship

What would you do?

What would you do if you were a renter and your toilet quit working?

What would you do if you took your car for repair and suddenly, completely unrelated, your radiator sprang a leak and needed repair?

What would you do if you took your taxes to a professional preparer only to find out later they had been prepared incorrectly?

Now … what would you do if these things happened to you in another country? Where you thought you might be evicted, not get your car returned, or be in legal trouble?

What would you do?

Sadly, these things happened here in Tucson. To individuals who are from other countries. Who don’t speak English well. Who don’t know our laws. Who don’t know about tenant rights, the Better Business Bureau, or the IRS. Who don’t know how to Google. Who don’t have welcome teams.

What would you do?

The renter lived without a working toilet for 3 weeks.

The car owner paid for unnecessary repairs to get the car back.

The taxpayer’s situation is unresolved.

No complaints were filed. No legal action was taken. No penalties were imposed.

What would you do?

Here at TVLC, we have an incredible opportunity to share Jesus’ love in a tangible way by serving with our Refugee Welcoming Committee. Members work with refugee families to help them become self-reliant and avoid the missteps that happened to other refugees in the situations above. The committee members become an extended family, providing hands-on ministry.

Is this your calling? Contact Kathy Renno at or 520-760-8468 for more information about how to get involved.